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'Self Conscious' by Olga Pedan & Sam Siwe at AETHER in Kunstbuero, Vienna


Its my worst nightmare, but now I am the one doing it. So I always lock the door, make sure to always lock your doors. And try not to fall asleep. Don’t worry, opening your eyes for 5 seconds won’t burn your eyeballs. I don't know who she is and she definitely doesn't know who I am. 

She was terrified of opening her eyes.

‘There is a reason you should use protection - correct’
‘Overexposure can hurt your eyes - correct’ 

Opening your eyes for 5 seconds is not going to burn your eyeballs 

‘I just use it so my skin doesn't feel...burned?’ 

Sometimes you get the fried skin smell. There are 4 different levels; fast, faster, fastest and instant. If you lock the door it’s fine. If you are worried about being claustrophobic, you can open the door and get out. 

You can open the door and get out, if you need to, but it's basically a capsule you're getting into. 

‘I just wanted to set.. Not set the record straight, but more just put the truth out there’ 

If I get it I'll just scrape it off and continue. When you get in a car, you're aware that car accidents happen, you're aware that you could end up in a car accident by getting in that car. But you're still gonna drive that car, you know what I'm saying? And this is from someone who is celibate. I have gotten burned so many times, no pun intended. If that is part of my journey it’s part of my faith. If that is how I'm going to end up it’s not within my control 

‘He called me up, and I said, just promise me there will be no doctors’ 


Text by Olga Pedan & Sam Siwe

Curated by Lisa Jäger & Philipp Pess

Photo by Philipp Pess

Galerie Kunstbuero

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