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Vitaly Bezpalov

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'EXE', a Group Show Curated by TZVETNIK x PLAGUE at Lick Brick, Krasnodar

Dorota Gaweda and Egle Kulbokaite: 'Through my nose, through your every pore, we

'HANDS OF DOOM VI', a Group Show at Storage Capacité, Berlin

TARWUK: 'Welcome to the tunnels made of flesh, where tall fires keep on burning a

'TILT', a Group Show Curated by nikolaiykm at In.Plano, Paris

Paul Barsch and Tilman Hornig: 'What interests us is how an ordinary object or a

Iain Ball: 'Everything is going to change, and it will happen really quickly'

StickerSUV by PANE project at Werkschauhalle Leipzig

Anna Solal: 'What is important is the route that one decides to take, and to be w

Viktor Timofeev: 'That is probably the only absolute truth I do believe in: the n

'No Where – Now Here', a Group Show Curated and Directed by Ultrastudio, Los Ange

Lara Joy Evans: 'Now the artist should be in the depths of the mud'

'Кровь Бедняка (The Blood of the Poor)' by Vitaly Bezpalov at Oktogon, Wuppertal

'DOUBT' by Vitaly Bezpalov and Ilya Smirnov at, Rostov-on-Don

'Assiette ou Virage et Dérapage', a Group Show Curated by Something Must Break, M

‘Rhythm of the Night’ by Vitaly Bezpalov at Center Red, Moscow

'Paradise On Mars', a Group Show at OJ, Istanbul

Bora Akinciturk: 'I really liked the idea that the world is a kind of papier-mâch

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