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Kaspars Groševs

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' by Kaspars Groševs at Noass, Riga

'Shelter of Trust' by Klára Švandová and Ondřej Doskočil at TiK Cold Space, Riga

'Garden of Death' a Collaborative Exhibition Project Between 8 Artist-Run Spaces,

'Sol LeWitt’s WD #719' by Elīna Vītola and Amanda Ziemele at 427, Riga

Kaspars Groševs, 427 Gallery: ’We show stuff that we believe in, we work with art

'Retrospect 1996-2019' by Kaspars Groševs at darkZone, New Jersey

Ieva Putniņa (Kaspars Groševs) – Fat Gnomes (Ears of New Jersey) at Riga Circus E

'Kā skan, Tā atskan', a Group Show at No Moon, New York

'I had amnesia once or twice', a Group Show at Polansky Gallery, Brno

'Champs-Elysees', a Group Show at 427, Riga

'Luksafors' by Kaspars Groševs at No Moon, New York

'Demons and Ashes' by Kaspars Groševs at Madona Local History and Art Museum, Ma

'DOPESMOKER' by Kaspars Groševs at Micēlijs, Riga

'kristāls sekunde mode', a Group Show at 427, Riga

'Disorder', a Group Show at Bozar, Brussels

'Oчевидное невероятное', a Group Show at 427, Riga

'White Walkers', a Group Show at Tallinas st 10, Riga