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Filippo Tocchi

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'Mostra collettiva di pittura da Sasha', a Group Show in Corso Brescia 23, Turin

'Garden of Death' a Collaborative Exhibition Project Between 8 Artist-Run Spaces,

'Weathered Shabby Shabby Brenches: Vernal Festivity of the Four Clari' by MRZB at

'Snoozin' Gutssss', a Group Show Curated Curated by mrzb at Neverneverland, Amste

'K_Night' at Bastione San Maurizio, Turin

'Communal Leaking', a Group Show at Macao, Milan

'Am I weeping? (DIP DIP dripping floors)' by MRZB at TRIPLA, Bologna

'haptic rooms missing deeds' by MRZB //, Amsterdam