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Nik Timková

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'Tomorrow I will Take a Knife To your Confidence', a Group Show at Galerie A.M.18

'BAITBALL (01)', a Group Show at Palazzo San Giuseppe, Polignano a Mare

'Wasting Around: Traditions in Verses', a Group Show at Bistro 21, Leipzig

'Room Without Any Water In It', a Group Show at ACUD Galerie, Berlin

'Floor is Lava', a Group Show at City Surfer Office, Prague

˙˚º˚˙°Burnt゜゚・˙ Ash˙・School .。by Anežka Hošková and Nik Timková at ZAHORIAN & VA

'PRODUCT PLACEMENT', a Group Show at Academy of Fine Arts, Prague

'Space Opera', a Group Show at Crum Heaven, Stockholm

'The Hills Have Eyes', a Group Show by A.M.180 at Hotdock project space, Bratisla

'From Dead to Worse' by Nik Timková at 35m2 gallery, Prague

'Harvested Darkness', a Group Show at the Old Synagogue in Košice, Slovakia

'Souvenirs of Affair', a Group Show at Galerie A.M.180, Prague

'LOVE & RESISTANCE', a Group Show at Galerie A.M.180, Prague

‘Harvesting Darkness’, a Group Show Curated by Viktor Čech at FUTURA, Prague

'Reflection in a Glass Scorpion', a Group Show at Galerie A.M.180, Prague

'INVIGORATING SOLSTICE COMPOUND' by Nik Timková, 48°43’42.8″N 21°11’43.8″E, Košic

Klub Fiesta, a Group Show at PLATO Ostrava

'Knife as Outfit' by Nik Timková at Parter (Polansky Gallery), Prague

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