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Marian Luft

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'Garden of Death' a Collaborative Exhibition Project Between 8 Artist-Run Spaces,

'Burial of the White Man' by EXILE, Kleiner Gleichberg, Thuringia

'Philosofas – Quo Vadis Bae?' by KOTZ at BSMNT, Leipzig

'When Hurricanes Are Coming People Tend To Drink More Beer' by Marian Luft & Ronn

'drawings', a Group Show at 650mAh, Hove

'The Value of What?', a Group Show at BSMNT, Leipzig

StickerSUV by PANE project at Werkschauhalle Leipzig

SUV at Spinnerei Leipzig

'Similar Moods' by Marian Luft & Ronny Szillo at Laden Fuer Nichts, Leipzig

Marian Luft at BSMNT, Leipzig