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'Giantess' by Rose Dickson at Melanie Flood Projects, Portland

'Odette' by Larissa Lockshin at Melanie Flood Projects, Portland

'​Think of Me', a Group Show at Adams and Ollman, Portland

'Concorde: A Western Tone Poem' by Keith J Varadi at Chicken Coop Contemporary, P

'Infrared Roses' by Mario Miron, Willie Young, Mac Katter at Sleepy Hollow Fine A

'where we meet' by ektor garcia and Pei-Hsuan Wang // Good Weather at Chicken Coo

'The Sunset Ceases to Delight' by Royce Allen Hobbs at Chicken Coop Contemporary,

'A Divine Image' by André Fortes & Harry Gould Harvey IV at Chicken Coop Contempo