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'A Shelter in the Folds of the Infinite', a Group Show at Sans titre (2016), Pari

'The Benign Tumour' by Tanja Nis-Hansen at Sans titre (2016), Paris

'I see (and other ways of saying I see what you mean)' by Julie Sas at All the be

'Vision Quest' by Pierre Clement at Galerie Valeria Cetraro, Paris

'When We Were Trolls (WWWT)' by Caroline Delieutraz at 22,48 m2, Paris

'Curing' by Paloma Proudfoot at Sans titre (2016), Paris

'Quatre Cœurs' by Cecilia Granara at Exo Exo, Paris

'Treize (EMP/Nuclearblast)' by Christophe de Rohan Chabot at Treize, Paris

'Always Available' by Dennis Buck at Bonnevalle, Paris

'Youth Enhancement Systems ®' by Laura Gozlan at Galerie Valeria Cetraro, Paris

'Night Fall' by Lauren Coullard at Lily Robert, Paris

'Conducting Bodies' by Rebecca Ackroyd and Maya Deren at Exo Exo, Paris

'Unsupported Message Format', a Group Show Curated by Pierre Clement at Galerie V

'L.O.L.(Lungs Of Lilies)' by Botond Keresztesi at Galerie Derouillon, Paris

'FAREWLL YOUTH, an archive 1996–2019' by Thomas Cap de Ville at Goswell Road, Par

'I know You’re out there', a Group Show Curated By Lolita, Paris

'Altar', a Group Show at Artemis Fontana, Paris

'It is urgent that pro_gress pro_grams' by Thomas Guillemet and Laurent Lacotte a

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