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'Grommets' by Rasmus Røhling at C.C.C., Copenhagen

'Lieber Nackt Als Gefühlsleben' by David Ostrowski at JIR SANDEL, Copenhagen

'MAYFLY KEEPER' by Katrine Bobek & Bertil Osorio at At Arcway Nightlands Connecte

'eat & becʘ̃me' by Silas Inoue at Augustiana, Augustenborg

'FRESH' by Rune Bering and Kevin Josias at Tableau, Copenhagen

'Airhead' by Mia Line at Ok Corral, Copenhagen

FSC Battle #6 - G.ON.E. by Anna Bak VS Joseph Flynn at Future Suburban Contempora

'You Are in My Veins', a Group Show at Kunsthal Aarhus

'The swamp of Lerna', a Group Show at Warehouse9, Copenhagen

'Biotechnosphere', a Group Show at Tranen, Gentofte

'Let the flies lie down like pearls around your neck' by Tomas Leth and Frederik

State of Affairs' by Bob Bicknell-Knight at Salon 75, Copenhagen

'Parterre', a Group Show Curated by Magnus Thorø Clausen and Kåre Frang at Kunsts

'Dance with the Devil' by Anna and Esben Weile Kjær at Vestjyllands Kunstpavillio

'Negative Meadow' by Theis Wendt at Kunsthal Nord, Aalborg

'Hippies Don’t Own the Sun' by Mikkel Carl, Curatedbyjenspeterbrask, Copenhagen

'Nissegråd' by Mette Rasmussen at ORGANON, Odense

'HQ, CIPE ROOM' by Julie Falk, Gianna Surangkanjanajai and Trine Struwe at Sydhav

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