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'A lick and a promise' by Jakob Forster at Allmendstraße 91-95, Zurich

'Bag of Hurt' by Gabriele Garavaglia at Sentiment, Zurich

'Glück für Sorgenkinder' by Isadora Vogt at Sentiment, Zurich

'Heavy Middle' by Thomas Moor at Stiftung BINZ39, Zurich

'Petri dish dream' by Maya Hottarek at A.ROMY, Zurich

'Grand miniature', Group Show at Sentiment, Zurich

'traeh elttil ym ,lous ym : my soul, my little heart' by Dorota Gawęda and Eglė K

'Gusła' by Dorota Gawęda and Eglė Kulbokaitė at Body Archive, Zurich

'L’AVANSPETTACOLO' by Bea Orlandi and Arnaud Wohlhauser at PHILIPPZOLLINGER, Zuri

'Spiral Arms', a Group Show at Longtang, Zurich

'28 Days, 6 Hours, 42 Minutes, 12 Seconds', a Group Show at Lubov & Mikro, Zurich

'May Day' by Achinoam Alon at Lemoyne Project, Zurich

'A Soft Spiral' by Deborah Joyce Holman at Mikro, Zurich

'Room of Requirement', a Group Show Curated by 4th Existence at NEST, ZHdK, Zuric

'Éducateur' by Mathis Collins at Longtang, Zurich

'Persuasive Fantasy' by Tereza Glazova at Mikro, Zurich

'step-sister' by Sowarit Songsataya at Mikro, Zürich

'In den Pfützen schwimmt Benzin' by Ramon Hungerbühler at Mikro, Zurich

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