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'Barbecue' by Keith Farquhar, Sara MacKillop at Rollaversion, London

'The Alchemist' by Matyáš Chochola at Gossamer Fog, London

'Ello Govna' by Robert Hawkins & Bora Akinciturk at The Residence Gallery, London

Dane Sutherland in conversation with Samuel Capps

'Disintergrate Me Later' by Cali Thornhill DeWitt at Lock Up International, Londo

'Tonguing the fence' by Rebecca Ackroyd at Lock Up International, London

'Time Keepers' by Johanna Odersky at Intersticio, London

'Like A Sieve', a Group Show at Kupfer, London

'Where Water Rumbles, Metalloids', a Group Show at Intersticio, London

'Last Resort' by Stine Deja at Annka Kultys Gallery, London

'​Semelparous', a Site-Specific Installation by Joey Holder at Springhealth Leisu

'Cold Storage' by Jure Kastelic at White Crypt, London

'Strawberry Hill', a Group Show at The Orange Garden, London

Sarah Kürten, Dan Mitchell at Lady Helen, London

Skelf II' by Daniel Burley at GAO Gallery, London

'Snowshoe Hare and Allies' by Emily Jones at Almanac, London

'Soul of Calypso' by core.pan at Gossamer Fog, London

Viktor Briestensky and Wieland Schönfelder at Lady Helen, London

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