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'MMM', Group Show at AQB mines/ Art Quarter Budapest

'Aper' by Martin Chramosta at Horizont Gallery, Budapest

'Lethal Dose of Time' by Adrian Kiss at Easttopics, Budapest

'RYXPER1126AE' by Dorota Gawęda and Eglė Kulbokaitė at Trafó Gallery, Budapest

'ECHO' by Honza Zamojski at Easttopics Space, Budapest

'In Times Gone By' by Tranker Kata and Ulbert Ádám at PINCE, Budapest

'I found a shelter at the river shore' by Ádám Horváth at Telep Gallery Space,

'Textus Ex Machina', a Group Show at aqb Project Space, Budapest

'Devonian Leap' by George Crîngaşu at Horizont Gallery, Budapest

'How am I to protect my wax-built' by Milica Mijajlović at EASTTOPICS SPACE, Buda

'Sunbaked Thirst With Love' by Tom Volkaert and Zsófia Keresztes at ENA Viewing S

'Kill Your Idols' by Lorinc Borsos at Glassyard Gallery, Budapest

'CENTRAL RESERVE' by Attila Szabó at Horizont Gallery, Budapest

'Elevator Conformity' by Sarah Fonzi at Horizont Gallery, Budapest

'Acéphale', a Group Show at aqb Project Space, Budapest

'Campari' by BB5000 at Horizont Gallery, Budapest

'Lex Selfie Drama' by Botond Keresztesi at ArtKartell Project Space, Budapest

'The Rest / In Peace', a Group Show at 115-106, Budapest

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