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'Gardens of Fate' by David Hanes at EMERGE, Pescara

'Lowbake' by Dominic Samsworth at Soyuz, Pescara

'DIO C’È', Group Show at Ultrastudio, Pescara

'Opinions of a Clown' by Andrew Birk and Jenna Westra at The Court, Pescara

David von Bahr / Roxman Gatt at Ultrastudio, Pescara / Los Angeles

'Bilingual' by Kalle Lindmark and Siggi Sekira at Soyuz, Pescara

'The Yellow Mill' by Philip Seibel at SOYUZ, Pescara

'Old People Love Me' by Antoine Donzeaud at Ultrastudio, Pescara

‘Unders’, a Group Show Curated by Marialuisa Pastò at Soyuz, Pescara

'I Can Skip The Turtles This Time' by Gabriele De Santis at Ultrastudio, Pescara

'The Unbearable Lightness of Being' by Pedro Matos and Struan Teague at The Court

'Voyage au bout de la nuit', a Group Show at The Court, Pescara

'SOPHIA' by David Hanes at Ultrastudio, Pescara

'Tomorrow is Obsolete' by Joachim Coucke and Nicolas Pelzer at SOYUZ, Pescara

'Kiss The Girls' by Xavier Mary at Ultrastudio, Pescara

‘Movement as Parresia’ by Emiliano Aversa at Soyuz, Pescara

Bora Akinciturk at Ultrastudio, Pescara

'Paper Moon' at SOYUZ, Pescara

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