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'Placido', a Group show Curated by Paolo Brambilla and Nicola Lorini at Dimora Ar

'Amarena' by Valerio Nicolai at Clima, Milan

'Abisso Elastico' by Francesco Pacelli at CURRENT, Milan

'O-N' by Lauren Gault at The Workbench International, Milan

'Communal Leaking', a Group Show at Macao, Milan

YGRG159 by Dorota Gawęda and Eglė Kulbokaitė at ANTI- Athens Biennale 6 and at Ka

'24:00 > 00:01' by Rashid Uri at GAFFdabasso, Milan

'Assisted Service for Miracle Reactions' by Gioia Di Girolamo at Dimora Artica, M

'Dalla luna ai piedi' by Giovanni Oberti and Andrea Zucchini at CURRENT, Milan

'Felix' by Alessandro Di Pietro at Marsèlleria, Milan

'CARADRIO' by Diego Gualandris & Riccardo Sala at TILE Project, Milan

'Under Over Through' at RITA URSO Artopia Gallery, Milan

'Family Reunion' by Jacopo Mazzetti at Plasma, Milan

'Daysleepers' by Anna Gramaccia at NAM Project, Milan

'Nature Calls' by Oren Pinhassi at Ribot, Milan

'Pathetic Fallacy' Marco Giordano at Il Colorificio, Milan

'Assiette ou Virage et Dérapage', a Group Show Curated by Something Must Break, M

Giulio Scalisi at Tile Project Space, Milan

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