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'CANDALÙ' by Rachele Maistrello at Almanac, Turin

'What’s your poison' by Chiara Camoni and table companions at Almanac Inn, Turin

'Malefate' by Alice Visentin at ALMANAC INN, Turin

'Heiligenschein' by Riccardo Sala at Almanac Inn, Turin

'Eurodaemons' by Jess Mai Walker at ALMANAC INN, Turin

'Il Portico' by Benni Bosetto at ALMANAC INN, Turin

'Snowshoe Hare and Allies' by Emily Jones at Almanac, London

'Dancing' by Cleo Fariselli at Almanac, Turin

'Chief Complaint' by Erica Scourti at Almanac, London

'Prophet’s Constipation' by Sam Tierney at Almanac, London

'OPS' by Pietro Agostoni at Almanac, Turin

Gina Folly at Almanac, London

Isaac Lythgoe at Almanac, London