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'jittering at dusk' by Séverine Heizmann at Kirchgasse, Steckborn

In her first exhibition at Kirchgasse jittering at dusk Séverine Heizmann marks the architecture of the gallery with large X-shapes of painted ceramic tiles and spans her resonance- and reference space. A geometrically constructed ornament that traditionally appears on azulejos, serves as the basic motif of the works. These colourfully painted and glazed ceramic tiles are often installed on facades in Spain and Portugal and their origins lie in North African regions. The rotated tiles are assembled into a repelling shape of a X, while the painting gestures seduce and the ornaments interweave into concentric and expanding movements. The X in the function of a parameter or variable also refers to positions in recent art history. Séverine Heizmann adopts these references, opens them up and makes them sound. 

8.5.21 — 20.6.21

Photo by CE