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PALAZZINA #03: Melanie Akeret, Haydée Marin, Hannes Zulauf at Palazzina, Basel

'Luna Crescente', a Group Show Curated by Edoardo Manzoni and Giada Olivotto at R

'L’AVANSPETTACOLO' by Bea Orlandi and Arnaud Wohlhauser at PHILIPPZOLLINGER, Zuri

'22 lames' by Julie Monot at A.ROMY, Geneva

'For your doll and heart' by Loren Kagny at Quark, Geneva

'Chocolate Factory' by Giulia Essyad at Cherish, Geneva

'Baden-Baden' by Stefan Burger at Kirchgasse, Steckborn

'Urania', a Group Show Curated by Zoë De Luca at Sonnenstube, Lugano

'Everyday Is in Eternity Bound', a Group Show at WallRiss, Fribourg

'For Sale' by Stefan Tanase at Ballostar Mobile, Bern

'Nodding out to rising mist' by Noémie Degen & Simon Jaton at TUNNEL TUNNEL, Laus

'Le Soin des Possibles', a Group Show at 1.1, Basel

'Spiral Arms', a Group Show at Longtang, Zurich

'28 Days, 6 Hours, 42 Minutes, 12 Seconds', a Group Show at Lubov & Mikro, Zurich

'May Day' by Achinoam Alon at Lemoyne Project, Zurich

'A Soft Spiral' by Deborah Joyce Holman at Mikro, Zurich

'what we need is another body' by Ser Serpas at Truth and Consequences, Geneva

'INVERSENS CLINIC' by Guillaume Dénervaud at Alienze, Lausanne