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Viktor Timofeev

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'Œuvres Collectives & Insectes Sélectionnés' by New Scenario at after hours, Pari

'Hyperspace Lexicon volume five', Group Show Curated by Nicholas Campbell, Los An

'The Location of Serenity', Group Show at D R O N E, New York

'CHERNOBYL PAPERS' by New Scenario, an online group exhibition inside the core zo

'DOG' by Viktor Timofeev at Interstate Projects, New York

'Deformation without tearing and gluing', Group Show at Carbone 20, Saint-Etienne

'Game' by Viktor Timofeev at MX Gallery, New York

'God Objects' by Viktor Timofeev at Karlin Studios, Prague

'Blasted Heath', a Group Show at A.M. 180 Gallery, Prague

'I had amnesia once or twice', a Group Show at Polansky Gallery, Brno

'0ne More Thing' by JODI at No Moon, New York

'Mice in mine, made my mind like a maze-like mine', a Group Show Curated by PGS a

Viktor Timofeev - Dailies (2009 x 2019)

'The Chasm', a Group Show Organized by Yves-Michele Saß at Franz-Josefs-Kai 3/17,

'B', a Group Show Curated by Ilya Smirnov at Money Gallery, Moscow

Swamp Protocol Curated by Most Dismal Swamp at Arebyte, London

'When the Sick Rule the World', a Group Show Curated by Christina Gigliotti at Gr

'drawings', a Group Show at 650mAh, Hove

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