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Maren Karlson

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'Giggling Softly, Smiling Big', Group Show at WallStreet Offspace, Fribourg

'The Dust Speaks' by Maren Karlson, Online

'STAY SAFE', Off-Site Group Show by Shivers Only, Chantemanche

'Rats dream about the places they want to explore
' by Maren Karlson at 427, Riga

'Seeds of Caelum', an Online Group Show by Hyperlink Athens Curated by Christina

'Cloak of Mercy', a Group Show at HORSEANDPONY, Berlin

'Nightshades', a Group Show Curated by Christina Gigliotti at Polansky Gallery, B

'Hear The Lizards Listening' by Claude Eigan & Maren Karlson at MÉLANGE, Cologne