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Joe Speier

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'Bright Lights, Big City & No Fun', Curated by No Gallery at Shoot The Lobster, N

Group Exhibition #2 at Fall River Museum of Contemporary Art, Fall River

'Automatic Wag', Off-Sete Group Show Curated by Joe Greer in Mafera Dog Park

'The Waiter’s Lament' by Joe Speier at Springsteen, Baltimore

'The most weirdest things, make the most beautiful pictures' by Michael Bussell &

'Kā skan, Tā atskan', a Group Show at No Moon, New York

'Sukkot', Off-site Group Show, Williamsburg, New York

'We're Only In It For the Money' by Joe Speier at Aeon bookstore / Gern en Regali

'Toxoplasma Grannii Maybe', a Group Show Curated by Christina Gigliotti at Catbox

Joe Speier and Michelle Uckotter at Chin-Up Bar, Baltimore

'Counted Out' by Abby Lloyd and Joe Speier at Gern en Regalia, New York