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Zuzanna Czebatul

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'Pas le temps de tout détruire sans doute', Group Show at Sans titre (2016), Pari

'Hell Hath No Fury Like a Dick Scorned' by Zuzanna Czebatul at Sans Titre (2016),

'4eme Periode Intermediaire', a Group Show at Karl Marx Studio, Paris

'The Singing Dunes' by Zuzanna Czebatul at CAC-La synagogue de Delme

'Bad Romance', a Group Show Curated by +DEDE at Gussglashalle, Berlin

'Salt' by Zuzanna Czebatul at Limbo, Berlin

'Whacko In & Loco Out' by Zuzanna Czebatul at Art space of the Metall Worker Unio

Ginny Projects x Sinkhole Project at Museum Gardens, London

'Even a spaceship has to land sometimes' by Zuzanna Czebatul at Futura, Prague

'Acéphale', a Group Show at aqb Project Space, Budapest

'LOVE & RESISTANCE', a Group Show at Galerie A.M.180, Prague

'Haptic House', a Group Show Curated by Penny Rafferty at HORSEANDPONY, Berlin

'Cosmopolitanissimo', a Group show at Jimmy Hoo, Brussels