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Botond Keresztesi

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'Neopangean Nest' Curated by Peter Bencze at Keep Showing Club, Neopangea

'(U.F.O.) Unreadable For Others' by Botond Keresztesi at Future Gallery, Berlin

'BAITBALL (01)', a Group Show at Palazzo San Giuseppe, Polignano a Mare

'SUPERHOST', a Group Show at Foothold / Like A Little Disaster, Polignano a mare

Friend of a Friend: Polansky Gallery hosting FUTURE GALLERY, Berlin / Mexico City

'Unsupported Message Format', a Group Show Curated by Pierre Clement at Galerie V

'L.O.L.(Lungs Of Lilies)' by Botond Keresztesi at Galerie Derouillon, Paris

'Champs-Elysees', a Group Show at 427, Riga

'Clusterfuck', a Group Show at Future Gallery, Berlin

'Extra-Planetary Commitment', a Group Show Curated by Àngels Miralda at lítost, P

'This Placement: 50/50', a Group Show Curated and Organized by Daniel Hüttler at

'J.P.G. (Jurassic Park Genetics)' by Botond Keresztesi at Schimmel Projects, Dres

'Trust Is The Ultimate Currency', a Group Show Curated by Bob Bicknell-Knight at

'This future is unthinkable. Yet here we are, thinking it.', a Group Show at Dami

'HANDS OF DOOM VI', a Group Show at Storage Capacité, Berlin

'drawings', a Group Show at 650mAh, Hove

StickerSUV by PANE project at Werkschauhalle Leipzig

'Be yourselfie', a Group Show at U10, Belgrad

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