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Claude Eigan

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'Caniveau Grove' by Claude Eigan at VUNU gallery, Košice

'dandelion menace' by Claude Eigan at Artemis Fontana, Paris

'Peach Score', a Group Show at +DEDE, Berlin

'The Martyr’s Tale', a Group Show at Sinkhole Project, Berlin

'Cloak of Mercy', a Group Show at HORSEANDPONY, Berlin

'Hear The Lizards Listening' by Claude Eigan & Maren Karlson at MÉLANGE, Cologne

'Toxoplasma Grannii Maybe', a Group Show Curated by Christina Gigliotti at Catbox

'TB 2 RL', a Group Show Curated by Tristan Deschamps at +DEDE, Berlin

'FEST' by Claude Eigan and Alizée Lenox at La Placette, Lausanne

'Haptic House', a Group Show Curated by Penny Rafferty at HORSEANDPONY, Berlin

'Everytime you switch me off, I die. A little', a Group Show Curated by Like A Li

'Sun Sipping Some Syrup' by Claude Eigan and Silke Briel at Frontviews, Berlin

Times New Romantic, a Group Show at Studio Lost But Found, Berlin