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Lara Joy Evans

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'Hyperspace Lexicon volume five', Group Show Curated by Nicholas Campbell, Los An

'The Golem of Silicon Valley', a Group Show at Family Exhibitions, Montreal

Swamp Protocol Curated by Most Dismal Swamp at Arebyte, London

'Physarum Borax', a Group Show Curated by Ella Fleck & Bryony James at Platform S

Lara Joy Evans: 'Now the artist should be in the depths of the mud'

'Primal_ditch_BP' by Hannah Stewart, Tea D. Strazicic and Lara Joy Evans at GMK,

'Risky Attachments', a Group Show Curated by Like A Little Disaster at Foothold,

'Paradise On Mars', a Group Show at OJ, Istanbul

Burned Forest Black Metal at Mosor, Croatia

'Corazon' at BB5000 studio, Milan