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Lara Joy Evans

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'Eolith' Off-Site Group Show at Sault-au-Récollet Mill, Montreal

'Dreams in Deixis', Group Show at Tufenkian Fine Arts, Glendale

'Earth Positive', Group Show at Spas Setun, Moscow

'EMPEDOCLES' by Lara Joy Evans Presented by Final Hot Desert at Whipple Cave, Lun

'Hyperspace Lexicon volume five', Group Show Curated by Nicholas Campbell, Los An

'The Golem of Silicon Valley', a Group Show at Family Exhibitions, Montreal

Swamp Protocol Curated by Most Dismal Swamp at Arebyte, London

'Physarum Borax', a Group Show Curated by Ella Fleck & Bryony James at Platform S

Lara Joy Evans: 'Now the artist should be in the depths of the mud'

'Primal_ditch_BP' by Hannah Stewart, Tea D. Strazicic and Lara Joy Evans at GMK,

'Risky Attachments', a Group Show Curated by Like A Little Disaster at Foothold,

'Paradise On Mars', a Group Show at OJ, Istanbul

Burned Forest Black Metal at Mosor, Croatia

'Corazon' at BB5000 studio, Milan