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Abby Lloyd

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'Christmas in July', Group Show at East Hampton Shed, New York

'A Musician’s Day', Group Show at Neighborhood Gallery, New York

'PSYCHO', a Group Show at East Hampton Shed & Tow, New York

'Untitled (MOLLY HOUSE)', a Group Show Curated by Julius Pristauz at EXILE, Vienn

'Thread Art Paintings' by Sal Salandra at East Hampton Shed on Wheels

'BAITBALL (01)', a Group Show at Palazzo San Giuseppe, Polignano a Mare

'Scarecrow Show', Off-site Group Show at The Green Thumb, US

'Why Meow?' by Abby Lloyd at Catbox Contemporary, New York

'Abby’s Room' by Abby Lloyd Featuring Aunt Nancy at Freddy, New York

'Someone’s Happy' by Abby Lloyd & Alicia Gibson at MX Gallery, New York

'Tiny People' by Abby Lloyd and Chris Retsina at East Hampton Shed, New York

'Counted Out' by Abby Lloyd and Joe Speier at Gern en Regalia, New York