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Frankfurt am Main

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'And Amasia' by Rosario Aninat and Simon Shim-Sutcliffe at Joanne, Frankfurt am M

'The Grime and the Schmutz' by Béla Feldberg at Jo-Anne, Frankfurt am Main

'Pending Objects II', Group Show at New Now, Frankfurt

'dot, dot, dot' by Sóley Ragnarsdóttir at gallery Jean-Claude Maier, Frankfurt am

'Among strangers' by Gabriel Stoian at Basis, Frankfurt am Main

'Verharzungen' by Max Negrelli, Yana Tsegay at The Reference, Frankfurt am Main

'A Tall Dark Stranger', a Group Show at New Now, Frankfurt am Main

'less skin' by Marcel Hiller at fffriedrich, Frankfurt am Main

'Scabbard' by Cudelice Brazelton at Husslehof, Frankfurt am Main

'Gentle Heterodoxy. Social Body and its Enchantments', a Group Show at fffriedric

Namsal Siedlecki at Frankfurt am Main, Berlin