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'Pupila' by Elizabeth Burmann Littin at Two seven two gallery, Toronto

'How to Fulfill a Wish' by Jenine Marsh at COOPER COLE, Toronto

'Back to Lorraine' by Katie Lyle at Franz Kaka, Toronto

'Around the Fur' by Michelle Homonylo at Pumice Raft, Toronto

'Any Given Time' by Bea Parsons at Franz Kaka, Toronto

'At the centre of my ironic faith', Group Show at Cassandra Cassandra, Toronto

'Nuclear Expressionism' by Kid Xanthrax at Oculus Pavilion, Toronto

'Her Own Devices' by Laurie Kang at Franz Kaka, Toronto

'remember when we were together forever', a Group Project at Cassandra Cassandra,

'Dig Your Own Hole', a Group Show at Franz Kaka, New York

'...5,1,4,1,3—Done!', a Group Show at Pumice Raft, Toronto

'Ekstase' by Martin Chramosta and Katharina Höglinger at Cassandra Cassandra, Tor

'Head Gusset' by Fin Simonetti at COOPER COLE, Toronto

'Really Really Real' by A.J. Medland, Sarai Stephens at Crutch CAC, Toronto

'Nothing is Wild' by Kara Hamilton at COOPER COLE, Toronto

'Perseids', a Group Show at Crutch CAC, Toronto

'Midnight Repairs' by Jay Isaac at Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Toronto

'maximum suffering along the way' by HaeAhn Paul Kwon Kajander at Franz Kaka, Tor

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