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'Planet of Weeds', a Group Show at Crutch CAC, Toronto

'Drawings', a Group Show Organized by Hanna Hur at Franz Kaka, Toronto

'Asphodel Meadows', a Group Show at The Swap Shop, Toronto

'To My Friends' by Raúl Aguilar Canela at Egret Egress, Toronto

'A Worker's Pantry' by Sean Ross Stewart at Crutch CAC, Toronto

'Wiggle Room​' by Simone Blain at Egret Egress, Toronto

'envoi', a Group Show at SIBLING, Toronto

'Every empire has an end' by Jennifer Carvalho & Jenine Marsh at Franz Kaka, Toro

'Morph', a Group Show at Cassandra Cassandra, Toronto

'La belle dame sans merci' by Elif Saydam at Franz Kaka, Toronto

'Shellwork' by Karen Azoulay and Amy Brener at ESP, Toronto

'Solnacentrum', a Group Show at The Loon, Toronto

'Staring Contest Through Fuchsia Membrane' by Puddle Popper at Little Sister Gall

'Act II: Joke Courtyard' by Connor Crawford at Dream Works Gallery, Toronto

'Pet Parasite' by Tiziana La Melia at Franz Kaka, Toronto

'Home Movies' by Dan Vogt at Main Street, Toronto

Liam Crockard at COOPER COLE, Toronto