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'Le pays du soleil', a Group Show at Futura, Prague

'The Cave & The Garden', a Group Show at FUTURA, Prague

'Hairy earthtongue, weeping toothcrust, fairy rings', a Group Show at FUTURA, Pra

'Augenfett' by Mark Ther at FUTURA, Prague

'When the Time Swirls, When it Turns into a Black Hole', a Group Show at FUTURA,

'Galvanic Couple' by Irina Lotarevich at Futura, Prague

'Sunk into it, part of it / it would be like hearing the grass grow, and we shoul

'Purported' by Aliza Shvarts at FUTURA, Prague

'3 inch giant in your bathroom' by Piotr Łakomy at FUTURA, Prague

'La salle de bain' by Anna Solal at FUTURA, Prague

'Will I become a better person if I stop dreaming about the stars?' by Marek Delo

'LYCAN' by core.pan at FUTURA, Prague

'Reverb' by Slava Sobotovicova at Futura, Prague

'Even a spaceship has to land sometimes' by Zuzanna Czebatul at Futura, Prague

‘Harvesting Darkness’, a Group Show Curated by Viktor Čech at FUTURA, Prague

'A Guiding Dog for a Blind Dog', a Group Show at FUTURA, Prague

'VIBRANT MATURITY® 7+ ADULT SHOW' by Bora Akinciturk & Ville Kallio at FUTURA, Pr

'If the Poor Stopped Reproducing, the Rich Would Create Them Artificially' by Fab