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'I am sorry to inform you that things are other things now' by Ian Clewe at Malad

'Flat Tire' by Janis Dzirnieks at Robert Fruinstraat 56, Rotterdam

'649 N. Rose Road / Rosestraat 946' by Ghislain Amar at Malade, Rotterdam

'Sonne, Perlen, Nikotin* – A Sentimental Celebration' by Rabea Ridlhammer at Peac

'Drama Pur' by Katharina Cameron at Available & The Rat, Rotterdam

'Femke Hears a Who' by Clementine Edwards & Alexander Iezzi at Peach, Rotterdam

'Pause for the cause' by Indrikis Gelzis at CINNNAMON, Rotterdam

'OilRain' by Viktor Timofeev at Roodkapje, Rotterdam

'HOST' by Tarwuk, Anni Puolakka & Jaakko Pallasvuo at Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam

Yannick Val Gesto at Cinnnamon, Rotterdam