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'Just to Please You,' by Stella McCaig and Theoren Johannessen at The Vault Galle

'HYPOTHÈSES' by Manal Kara at Pangée, Montreal

'Eolith' Off-Site Group Show at Sault-au-Récollet Mill, Montreal

'Ultra-gentle manipulation of delicate structures' by Alicia Adamerovich at Proje

'Back to Lorraine' by Katie Lyle at Franz Kaka, Toronto

'Around the Fur' by Michelle Homonylo at Pumice Raft, Toronto

'DÉJÀ VU', Off-Site Show by Trevor Bourke and Paul Nadeau, Montreal

'Any Given Time' by Bea Parsons at Franz Kaka, Toronto

'Wrought Bundle' by Garrett Lockhart at Afternoon Projects, Vancouver

'At the centre of my ironic faith', Group Show at Cassandra Cassandra, Toronto

'Nuclear Expressionism' by Kid Xanthrax at Oculus Pavilion, Toronto

'Her Own Devices' by Laurie Kang at Franz Kaka, Toronto

'I SAW A CROW, ORCA WAS I' by Alison Yip at Monte Clark Gallery, Vancouver

'remember when we were together forever', a Group Project at Cassandra Cassandra,

'Dig Your Own Hole', a Group Show at Franz Kaka, New York

'Sparkle’s Map Home' by Tau Lewis at Oakville Galleries, Oakville

'Ozone Gleaners' by Tiziana La Melia and geetha thurairajah at Projet Pangée, Mon

'...5,1,4,1,3—Done!', a Group Show at Pumice Raft, Toronto

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