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'Untitled (MOLLY HOUSE)', a Group Show Curated by Julius Pristauz at EXILE, Vienn

'Bracket Sentiment And The Technicolor Yawn' by Sophie Serber at Shore, Vienna

'CRUEL SUMMER CAMP', a Group Show at EXILE, Vienna

'Crosspollination' by Yein Lee & Ivan Pérard at Loggia, Vienna

'Space Almond Head Void' by Sasha Auerbakh at GOMO, Vienna

'Theological Time, Mean Landscape, Circumcision Throne, Burping Bird, Auto-censur

'True Romance' by Soshiro Matsubara at Croy Nielsen, Vienna

'Fancy Pants' by Dennis Buck at Shore, Vienna

'the lorries are speaking', Off-Site Show Curated by Julius Pristauz, Sinkhole Pr

'Where the wild roses grow', a Group Show at Pina, Vienna

'Reiterate' by Tobias Hansen at foundation, Vienna

'C', a Group Show at GOMO, Vienna

'Proposition Joe' by raúl i. lima at WAF Galerie, Vienna

'À l’endroit et à l’envers du temps / we’ve got time' by Antoine Donzeaud at Geor

'Fittings' by Kinke Kooi and Tenant of Culture at Exile, Vienna

'Light at Eight', a Group Show at Loggia, Vienna

'Nice Game' by Hannah Hansel at Suzie Shride, Vienna

'MICHELANGELO' by Anne Schmidt at Vin Vin, Vienna

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