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'Getting Down to Business' by Rebecca Rothenborg at Galerie Roland Puschitz, Vienna

We need to get down to it
 get down to business
efficiently, productively
proactively and constructively
but let’s circle back
to where we work our fingers to the bone
for somebody else’s profit
somebody else’s health
somebody else’s wealth

Working like a dog, working it off
Until we’re overworked, underappreciated
(But in time: duly compensated)
 and burnt out from all the irons in the fire
Maybe we’re going to make it
Maybe we’re not

Am I independently self-employed,
 or just an intellectual proletarian?
 You have to either do the dirty work or the leg-work to make it work
to keep it working
 keep us working

So: I’m working through it,
working it off
 to one day reach the top
 I have a self-proclaimed epiphany: it’s all about efficiency

Galerie Roland Puschitz

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