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'Sour Well', Group Show at Nir Altman, Munich

'Don’t Say I Didn’t Say So', Group Project at Kunstverein Bielefeld, Bielefeld

'Die Blume Unterirdisch Denken' by Hans-Henning Korb at Fragile, Berlin

'Süchtig nach Modeschmuck' by Nico Ihlein at Schiefe Zähne, Berlin

'Swallow' by Sami Schlichting at Lucas Hirsch, Dusseldorf

'Bürgerliches Trauerspielat' by Wieland Schönfelder at BPA Space, Cologne

'undercurrent' by Leda Bourgogne at Loggia, Munich

'Swan Tunnel' Off-Site Group Show at Abandoned WW II Tunnel, Dresden

'Soft hands, soft feet (working title)' by Annaliisa Krage at Galerie Pleiku, Ber

'Felt Cute' by Anaïs Goupy at ASPN Gallery, Leipzig

'Do You Love Me Now?' by Liz Craft at Kunsthalle Bremerhaven

'adresse aux gémonies' by Anna Solal at Britta Rettberg, Munich

Super Super Markt, Off-Site Group Show at 7. Himmel, Berlin

'Parable of the Moths', Group Show at June, Berlin

'Mortal Shell' by Zu Kalinowska at Gr_und, Berlin

'Moving Parts of an Effigy' by AnaÏs Morales at Scherben, Berlin

'Soul-Mating Fatigue' by Zoë Field at Medium P, Berlin

🔥🥯🥯 HOT KOTZ BUNS 🥯🥯🔥 at BSMNT, Leipzig

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