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'It lingers in my mouth like body liquid does ACT III/ PS3' by PARASIGHTagency at SLUG, Leipzig

Before we do anything, let me tell you this one thing. You were right. 

The vulnerability we enable is our only chance of survival. Does it come as a surprise? It did to me. It still does. You know, I’m aware of all the stories that were imposed onto our fragile and naked bodies. They are like little shapes I can feel whenever I caress the back of those I have decided to stay with. The funny thing is, I am not really afraid to make more tales of the rituals we perform when most of you are looking away. We will make you look. We’ll make you register the way our eyes open together. It’s happening as I speak. L ook. L ook! L ook at the communal protection they are resting on. Have you ever felt something like this? I believe only those truly familiar with moon-lit isolation will get what I am talking about. It is awesome because it is real, and it is real because it is true. Does it come as a surprise? 

To penetrate and to receive. Both. It’s a balance and an exchange. We are all equally at risk of ill-chosen associations, after all. But I am not. Not anymore. We found each other well. Fear, among us, is not lodged within the typical conduits of your understanding. We have grown to not give a fuck in the same amount of time it takes to feed ourselves with the ones we have picked. Smeared with what we’ve stolen and shared, we joyfully reconcile repulsion and attraction. After all, we’ve never found each
other disgusting. Do you see what I mean? Does it start to linger on your unprotected fangs? We all learn to survive our own chaos and I am a bit tired of apologizing for mine. Are you beginning to understand? 

There are times I wish I could do this on my own. I’m too proud to crave company. And yet, when it begins to drip and abundantly spurts out from my filled mouth, when the warmth of my peers becomes palpable through the circulation of this untameable beauty, there are no more doubts to be held on the nature of the trust we fill each other with. What we regurgitate is the result of the elimination you’ve repeatedly wished upon us. We don’t repeat, we perpetuate. We make sure to be able to keep on finding, in the dark, the ones who will get without explanation what our open mouths and bodies mean. The ones who will, without fear or hesitation, give them exactly what they need to keep on going. 

And the truth is: I’m losing my fucking mind as soon it comes into me. Why fight the inevitable? Watch it enter. Watch it do it slowly. Look at the thickness, look at the vibrancy. Look. It doesn’t even matter if it’s dead or alive. It doesn’t matter if it entices or frightens you. It never did. There might be something in you believing that you could resist. That you’re any different. But just wait. Kindly, patiently wait. As soon as you taste what I’m talking about, you’ll never leave. Don’t worry too much. We’ll welcome you into the selected few we are dedicating all of this to. We care, we always did. 

So, you were right. To be named is such a powerful thing. 

And, for that, there is nothing we can do but collectively thank you from the bottom of our spilling, solitary hearts. 

26.8.23 — 10.9.23

Performers: Cru Encarnação, Gloria Viktoria Regotz

Dramaturgy and text by Hugo Scherbel

Video by Adrian Q. Vardi

Video performer Melanie Glück

Music by Rosa Anschütz

Curated by Colette Patterson with support from Emma Toschk

Photo by Hannah Francke


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