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'No Holidays' by Kim Coussée & Inner Light at Tunnel Tunnel, Lausanne

'Un Paysan Heureux', Off-Site Group Show, Lausanne

'No Teeth Left', a Group Show by Collective Disgrace at Tunnel Tunnel, Lausanne

'Nodding out to rising mist' by Noémie Degen & Simon Jaton at TUNNEL TUNNEL, Laus

'INVERSENS CLINIC' by Guillaume Dénervaud at Alienze, Lausanne

'...and their tooth, finest gold', a Group Show at Les Urbaines, Lausanne

'FEST' by Claude Eigan and Alizée Lenox at La Placette, Lausanne

'Rich, since my pinky points at me' by Sitara Abuzar Ghaznawi & Deborah Joyce Hol

'BREAK(FEAST)' by Lauren Coullard at Silicon Malley, Lausanne