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'No Holidays' by Kim Coussée & Inner Light at Tunnel Tunnel, Lausanne

For "No Holidays", Kim Coussée explores the modification of memory, the duty to remember oblivion. She is interested in the alterations of the passage of time, which make it possible for a single person to perceive his or her own history in many different ways. By creating objects that she uses as generators of memories, Kim Coussée brings to light a multitude of memory perceptions, whether they are synchronic or staggered, whether they belong to the same memory or not. The role of transmission then becomes essential and central. What subjectivities do we decide to transmit? Which ones will not be perpetuated? 

Created in 2018 and active between Paris, Geneva and Lausanne, Inner Light is a collective of artists working around printing and clothing. For this proposal, they emancipate themselves from the carried form in order to develop and structure their reflections in paintings, highlighting and conceptualizing visually their creative processes. For its members, Inner Light has a school function, where alternatives in production and materials are sought. By developing a practice between sculpture and clothing, Inner Light wishes to operate in coalition, horizontally, peer-to- peer, in a context where solidarity exists out of necessity. By restoring the serial aspect of engraving, Inner Light begins a reflection on craftsmanship as much as on the idea of luxury and its ambivalence; the collective seeks to position itself radically in the fashion industry, rejecting the contradictions of large groups, such as "green" industrial production, the individualizing character of unique pieces, and logomania, caught between ostentatious will and counterfeiting. Serial printmaking regains relevance in a collective workshop, where the exploration, integration and sharing of their respective universes is at the center of their eight-handed production. 

26.9.20 — 7.11.20

Photo by Julien Gremaud


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