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'Access Modes for Encountering Large Industrial Bodies' by Kitty Maria at Het Res

'Confusion is next and next after that is the truth' by Jonathan Castro Alejos at

'649 N. Rose Road / Rosestraat 946' by Ghislain Amar at Malade, Rotterdam

'Itchy Cherub' by Alexander Iezzi at, Amsterdam

'Still Making Art – Volume Three', a Group Show at Studio ORAC, Amsterdam

'Sonne, Perlen, Nikotin* – A Sentimental Celebration' by Rabea Ridlhammer at Peac

'Hinkypunk', a Group Show at Billytown, The Hague

'Fake Roses' by Tom Putman at Moira, Utrecht

'Your mind is a house and you live in the kitchen' by Evita Vasiljeva at Marwan,

'Dweller', a Group Show Curated by Diego Diez at Tilde, Amsterdam

'Homies' by Monica Mays at Corridor Project Space, Amsterdam

'Throw Me into Hell and I’ll Find a Way to Enjoy It' by Aaron McLaughlin at Corri

'Still Making Art – Volume Two', a Group Show at Studio ORAC, Amsterdam

'Medieval Minded', a Group Show at Stigter van Doesburg Gallery, Amsterdam

'Snoozin' Gutssss', a Group Show Curated Curated by mrzb at Neverneverland, Amste

'Drama Pur' by Katharina Cameron at Available & The Rat, Rotterdam

'Still Making Art – Volume One', a Group Show at Studio ORAC, Amsterdam

'Femke Hears a Who' by Clementine Edwards & Alexander Iezzi at Peach, Rotterdam