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'0D0R-R0AD' by Lasse Juuti at Titanik, Turku

Lasse Juuti´s exhibition 0d0r-r0ad in Titanik consists of paintings spreading from walls to the floor. The artist has been inspired by cars; their visual language and meanings captured behind their shell. This ensemble takes us on a journey through the flat history of painting.

The exhibition presents to us circles evoking the sense of smell and a tourist roasted pink, who faithfully stands in the yellow blaze. Scraps gathered on the worn surfaces of the hovering cars build wish-atlases and frosty messages for the passersby.

A sweaty journey and a breeze of Wunderbaum.

Through the means of painting, 0d0r-r0ad seeks to tell us something about our set of values by bringing banal things for close inspection, to be reinterpreted.

9.10.20 — 1.11.20


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