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'Neopangean Nest' Curated by Peter Bencze at Keep Showing Club, Neopangea

'L’éclipse' by Lauren Coullard at A.ROMY, Geneva

'Ashes to Ashes' by Øleg&Kaśka at Skala, Poznań

'C', a Group Show at GOMO, Vienna

'Proposition Joe' by raúl i. lima at WAF Galerie, Vienna


Graham Harman: ‘Some people may be using ‘weird’ in a wider sense than I normally do. For me, the weird has a precise technical sense: a situation in which objects exist in tension with their own qualities rather than being reducible to them. Admittedly, this is also how I define aesthetics more generally, so for me there is a bit of weirdness in all genuine aesthetic experience’. More…

'Lección de Anatomía' by TRRUENO & Underground Flower, Buenos Aires

'À l’endroit et à l’envers du temps / we’ve got time' by Antoine Donzeaud at Geor

'Il Portico' by Benni Bosetto at ALMANAC INN, Turin

'PARASITES OF FRAGMENTED GARDENS' by Annkathrin Kluss at Warte für Kunst, Kassel

'The Ladder' by Cyriaque Blanchet, Lucille Leger at Domestic Cults at Scale, Nant

Andrew Birk: ‘Making art is like trying to solve an equation that is shifting and

Fabio Santacroce: ‘Even the most progressive artistic ambition ended up in being cannibalized and has perpetuated the dominant patriarchal western-centrist colonial model. We are all trapped and we are all contributing to a mythology that frantically tries to unravel itself, seeking for absolution and fortifications, between common sense, academia, institutionalization and mystification’. More…

'Where Water Rumbles, Metalloids', a Group Show at Intersticio, London

'Pumpernickel', Off-Site Group Project at 86 Féron, Saint-Gilles, Belgium

'I lost a picture I had saved' by Hadaly Villasclaras at Factoría de Arte y Desar

'Where We Are', Off-Site Show by Marcel Hiller and Markus Saile, Cologne

'The Mumble The Attractor' by Sophie Varin x feeelings at Cunst-Link, Brussels

'Une histoire d’amour', a Group Show at one gee in fog, Geneva

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