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½, Group Show at Devyatnadtsat’ gallery, Moscow

'Shady Garden' by Immanuel Birkert at Galerie Tobias Naehring, Leipzig

'пурпурно-черный темно-синий и немного желтого канистра для бензина немного искаж

'Beach II', Group show at GOMO, Vienna

'How to Fulfill a Wish' by Jenine Marsh at COOPER COLE, Toronto

🤡 🤡 🤡, Group Show at Masla Lisse, Moscow

Nuno Patrício: ‘Nowadays, newcomers are using Internet to earn their spot in the community simply because most of them are far from being part of the gallery system due to restrictions, ambitions, etc. In sum, I think everyone has the right to have their point of view, but unfortunately, people are very influenced and shaped by the words of critics and experts. Art criticism, not all but in general, should be more respectful to new ideas and panoramas’. More…

'Ekstasia & Six Last Things' by Louis Morlæ at Royal Academy of Arts, London

'Chart Paintings' by Andy Schumacher at Shore, Vienna

'Made in Heaven' by PLAGUE at Spas Setun, Moscow

'NIGHT OF JOY' by Ander Sagastiberri at Raccoon projects, Salvador

'Dreams Are Made of This' by Vikenti Komitski & Aaron Roth at ZERUI, London

'A Rat is a Rose' by Hugo Dinër at Le Vecteur, Charleroi

Iain Ball, 'POST.CONSUMER.CULT 2020': For every person who is obsessively fact-checking and confiding in data there is someone who is disregarding it altogether and adopting a pre-enlightenment, creationist or vedic worldview which rejects modern scientism altogether. It seems as though we are collectively being pulled apart from everything and everyone — as if we, like The Universe itself are eternally inflating away from every point in space and time whilst many feel as though they are awakening to cosmic consciousness. More…

IN CONVERSATION CHAPTER #3: Dora Economou and Andrei Pokrovskii at RIBOT, Milan

'SOFT' by Arthur Golyakov at Zero Room, Samara

'chloé with an i' by Fern O’Carolan at Slugtown, Newcastle

'TO INFINITY AND BEYOND 2.0' by Jean-Baptiste Janisset at Royal Abbey of Fontevra

'ANT/BUG' by Rémi Lécussan at Glassbox Sud, Montpellier

'THY EVERY CREATURE ART ON THE EARTH' by Artyomm Seeela at Plague Space, Krasnoda

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