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'Eurodaemons' by Jess Mai Walker at ALMANAC INN, Turin

'MOUTHLESS Part I' by Dorota Gawęda and Eglė Kulbokaitė

'The Cave & The Garden', a Group Show at FUTURA, Prague

'I am sorry to inform you that things are other things now' by Ian Clewe at Malad

'Trap Paintings' by Michelle Uckotter at A.D., New York

'CRUEL SUMMER CAMP', a Group Show at EXILE, Vienna

Kuba Bąk, 'A Whole Other Level': Touristic, mythological, spiritual, heroic and artistic journeys into the depths of the underworld constantly serve to reinforce the connection between life and death. Blades cut out of metal, devoid of a hilt, strange weapons that hurt both perpetrator and victim, were sent into the guts of Earth. This telluric journey could be a tale of an escape from the eternally insatiable demon of the art world. More…

'Quarter Past Ten', a Group Show Curated by TZVETNIK at ISSMAG, Moscow

'This Room Guaranteed BOMB-FREE. From the Management', Off-Site Group Show in Mat

'I Ø' by Runhild Hundeide at Saksumdal Tempel, Lillehammer

'Morangos com Açúcar', a Group Show at A Maior, Viseu

'Luna Piena', a Group Show Curated by Edoardo Manzoni and Giada Olivotto at Resid

'Hooking Gyre' by Rosie Grace Ward at Well Projects, Margate

Andrew Birk: ‘I am trying to figure out how to move through the burdens and privileges of society and culture and digitization and capital and entertainment, and come out the other side having made art that I can be proud of, that feels like time well spent, that equates somehow to a life well lived. We are alive only now. I know that that is so redundant, but it’s also so profoundly related to why art matters’. More…

'Red Shoes', a Group Show at East Hampton Shed & Tow, Newtown Lane

Solo Show: Chapter 5 / Behind the Times

'Sunday Was Already Today' by Ilaria Vinci and Leila Niederberger at WallStreet,

Vladislav Markov at M23, New York

'Gusła' by Dorota Gawęda and Eglė Kulbokaitė at Body Archive, Zurich

SADYRIA by Posthuman Studies Lab (Nikita Sazonov, Katya Nikitina)

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