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'Pilgrim' by Ben Sang at Dungeon, Detroit

'Damaged by Miracles' by Max Hooper Schneider at High Art, Paris

'ВЕЩЬ' by Keren Cytter at Money Gallery, Saint-Petersburg

'In Shade' by Clémence de La Tour du Pin at Smart Objects, Los Angeles

'LAST MINUTES', Group Show at THE POOL, Istanbul

'Rækkehus' by Jakup Nilsson at Mezzanine, Risskov

Iain Ball, 'POST.CONSUMER.CULT 2020': For every person who is obsessively fact-checking and confiding in data there is someone who is disregarding it altogether and adopting a pre-enlightenment, creationist or vedic worldview which rejects modern scientism altogether. It seems as though we are collectively being pulled apart from everything and everyone — as if we, like The Universe itself are eternally inflating away from every point in space and time whilst many feel as though they are awakening to cosmic consciousness. More…

'Symmetrical Floundering' by Inside Job at Cantina, Aarhus

'PRK-1U', Group Show Curated by Reine Aliénor at Tonus, Paris

'An Exercise in Violence' by Guillermo Ros at IVAM, Valencia

'And Amasia' by Rosario Aninat and Simon Shim-Sutcliffe at Joanne, Frankfurt am M

'Fragments' by John Knight at BSMNT, Leipzig

'STOP DREAMING' by Phung-Tien Phan at Schiefe Zähne, Berlin

Dane Sutherland in conversation with Samuel Capps: 'I think it's naive to think the world can live under some new techno-utopia as Capitalism and the elites already won a long time ago. This became obvious in the 80s with cyberpunk presented as a chaotic, technology induced, end-game capitalism, struggle for survival. The more people and inventions we have, the more complex things become, especially in the urban environment, where the majority of the world’s population now lives'. More…

'Ring Around the Moon' by Isabel Cavenecia, Sally von Rosen at ERRATUM, Berlin

'Witz Garden', Off-Site Group Project in Iveco Nu·e (Noisy-le-Sec, France)

'The Magician’s Sleeve' by Maxime Bichon at Terzo Fronte, Rome

'Few caps of valley junk' by Kinderspiele & Anna Luisa Di Lauro, Nocera Inferiore

'A Trip to Cockaigne' by Johanna Härkönen & Eetu Sihvonen at Titanik, Turku

'OLYMPIC HOPES' by Nikolay Georgiev at Spas Setun, Moscow

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