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'3x 5K6' by LUGÁN at Nogueras Blanchard, Barcelona

Nogueras Blanchard is pleased to host 3x 5K6, a proposal by Rubén Grilo on the work of LUGÁN as part of the Barcelona Gallery Weekend. 

The exhibition focuses on a single piece, Mano térmica de artista (Artist's Thermal Hand) (1975), a modest but iconic cast and polished aluminum sculpture in the shape of a hand that is heated with the help of two small resistors. The sculpture is part of a series commissioned by Mario Fernández Barberá, one of the people in charge of the program organized around the IBM 7090 computer that was installed in Madrid at the end of the 1960s. Grilo's proposal consists of raising the temperature of the piece just a few degrees, a subtle intervention but one that establishes a radical relationship with it, hyper- corporeal, feverish, that speculates on the infectious nature of exhibiting the work of others. 

Luis García Núñez, known as LUGÁN (Madrid, 1929-2021), was one of the most brilliant and least known artists in Spanish art. A technician by profession, his artistic career was linked to the Calculus Center of the University of Madrid. His work highlights the material aspects of technology and our connection to it through the engagement and appeal to senses traditionally neglected in the visual arts, such as sound or touch.

14.9.22 — 11.11.22

Curated by Rubén Grilo

Nogueras Blanchard

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