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'A sight to cover the site of impact', Off-Site project by Sierra Shooting Association, Björkö-Arholma

The first thing I noticed was that succession of concentric circles seemed to indicate a dent, or a dimple, in any case, a 3D cavity. As I started meditating in more depth on the image, another meaning popped into my mind. Seen from above, the slight cavity vanishes, it becomes a flat screen, a sight to cover the site of impact.

The shooting act binds my body to the blazing sun that heats up the fields. Often when I'm gazing at it a huge all-crimson rose becomes engraved in my perception, locking me onto target. First come the summer sunlight pouring down, then a sharp edge crystallizes. Coming at a rate of seven a day, the crystals are razor sharp, but do not harm my eyes.

Word samples: Hito Steyerl (Duty Free Art), Pedro (visitor), Odysseus Elytis (Sun the first), Girl Cries Crystals! Must Watch!

17.12.20 — 30.12.20

'Полынь' by Zukhra Salakhova at Plague Space, Krasnodar

'Hamra' by Monia Ben Hamouda at Ariel – Feminisms in the Aesthetics, Copenhagen

'Nature Angst' by Valerie Keane at High Art, Paris

'Die Blume Unterirdisch Denken' by Hans-Henning Korb at Fragile, Berlin

'BELIEVING IN SUCCESS' by Bastien Cosson at Palette Terre, Saint-Martin-de-Seigna

'Sole con le code' by Valerio Nicolai at Clima, Milan

'SHOOTING STAR' by Julian-Jakob Kneer at Blue Velvet Projects, Zurich

'Pretty Pictures' by Olga Paramonova at Spas Setun, Moscow

'Süchtig nach Modeschmuck' by Nico Ihlein at Schiefe Zähne, Berlin

'Swallow' by Sami Schlichting at Lucas Hirsch, Dusseldorf

'FERA', Off-Site Group Project by Sans Souci at Dyrehavsbakken, Klampenborg

'Bürgerliches Trauerspielat' by Wieland Schönfelder at BPA Space, Cologne

'undercurrent' by Leda Bourgogne at Loggia, Munich

'Play Dead' by Stef Kamaris at One Minute Space, Athens

'ASDFGHJ' by Cinthia De Levie at Pasto, Buenos Aires

'Swan Tunnel' Off-Site Group Show at Abandoned WW II Tunnel, Dresden

'This Is Not A Body' by Panteha Abareshi at Hunter Shaw Fine Art, Los Angels

'how u like me now' by Dennis Buck at Shore, Vienna

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