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'Arthur Phillip puts his head down, Barangaroo 1788' by Allan Rand at CHAUFFEUR, Sydney

American painter, Ed Paschke once spoke about painting, in which the viewer more or less completes the circuit, like electronic energy. The paintings send out certain vibes, or degrees of energy, and there is no one correct response to it. Allan Rand, in a sense, simply reaffirms Paschke’s view on the importance of receivership. Rand’s practice is ambiguous by nature. A visual language which is not merely intended to bring about a certain pedagogical outcome. 

There is a sense of free flow, virtuous and awareness employed in the quality and richness in Rand’s painting, however, the work is not random or arbitrary. His painting narratives borrow from history, culture and anthropology with strong sense of importance to site specificity, context and materiality - encourages thought and provokes disclosure that makes the work such a mystic pleasure. 

2.7.20 — 1.8.20


'dreams of rain inside' by Philip Hinge at 106 Green, New York

'Back to Lorraine' by Katie Lyle at Franz Kaka, Toronto

Curated By: 'Too Close To Home', Group Show at Shore, Vienna

'FLIGHT TO NOWHERE' by Bernhard Holaschke at Plague Space, Krasnodar

'Magistra Artium' by Sarah Fripon at xhibit, Akademie der bildenden Künste, Vienn

FLOEZ, a powerpoint experience curated by YungPotters

'Bräuel', Off-Site Group Project in Winterthur, Switzerland

'If Wishes Were Fishes, We’d All Cast Nets', Group Show at Krupa Gallery, Wrocła

'Absolutely literally everything and even more!' by Ivan Gorshk

'TEKTONICAKE' by Sebastian Mittl at Loggia, Vienna

Group Exhibition #2 at Fall River Museum of Contemporary Art, Fall River

'Pacify your lust before the all-seeing eye feels your heartbeat rising' by Laura

'Easy Fit!', Group Show at Porukalle, Helsinki

'G.G.G.' by Fabian Boschung at Café des Glaces, Tonnerre

'Forever Mall', Group Show Curated by Anna Frost at Shoot The Lobster, Los Angele

'Imaga' by Stanislava Kovalcikova at 15 Orient, New York

'Every Offbeat Step, Every Footprint Left', Group Show Curated by PGS in Prisonin

'Hell is Hot and the World Is Cold' by Sven Loven at No Gallery, New York

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