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'CELESTIAL POETICS', Group Show Curated by Liam Denny at Greenhouse Off-site, Melbourne

In the sky
Is tiny moving pieces 
So high,
Of tiny flowers ( the ones I picked before summer) now potpourri — 
The smell that was a perfume, so strong 
It drifted to summer, so soon...
The sky began to melt like wax... in a hot house, in it little pieces of glass. 
These copper shards are my past,
Thats now an hour ago 
The hours pass on.
The tangerine and apricot sky —
I count - 6 apricot pips left in the sky. 
I sit, collecting awe, casting away debris, corporal reality.
Lost at far... 

4.3.23 — 14.4.23

Bronte Stolz, Dan Arps, Joshua Stevens, Liam Denny, Lucina Lane, Tara Denny

Photo by Christo Crocker

Greenhouse Off-Site

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