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'Everything is possible' by Sasha Gosmant in Wambrechie, France

Sasha Gosmant's exhibition Everything is possible is a visual conceptual history of objects in the Anthropocene. The name of the exhibition is used in a reverse way. The future is in the mist. We are in where humanity cannot imagine what the consequences of their actions will lead to.
Sasha Gosmant in her practice explores how the alternative /unscientific/ in the world intersects with the technical, and the cognitive with the natural. Creating installation from discrete objects, Sasha combines artifacts from different times and events. From scraps of memory, a new myth is obtained, so in its central object, the Cyber-unicorn, you can find wires, stones, ash, which create a very real reliable object in turn . The personal mythology of the unicorn figure would not be complete without a rider, based on the prototype of the Lady / Virgin . It was taken from 16th century French tapestries. The lady in Sasha's work has undergone many changes, turning into an archive of similar images /faces/  generated by  Nvidia’s StyleGan generative neural network and nonexistent in reality. The effect of broken glass in this context can be interpreted as an attempt by the image to move from the technological world to the analog one. A formed pair of heroes in the modern world, where technologies and bugs are in a continuous struggle for the attention of the individual, produce errors that we can see in many images of a lady. Shaped hands, pieces of clothing, hair create new life. 

18.2.21 — 20.2.21

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'Everything is possible' by Sasha Gosmant in Wambrechie, France

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