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'Gignesthai' by Katja Novitskova at Hyperlink Athens, Athens

‘’Gignesthai’’ is a creature that was born out of a messy data set of all the documentation photos and research images of Katja Novitskova's work. Still raw, it emerges from the darkness of machine learning and the chaos of pixelated reflections of life.

‘’Gignesthai’’ from the ancient Greek γίγνομαι (gígnomai, “to be produced, become, be”) is the title of Katja Novitskova’s new micro solo show at Hyperlink Athens project space.  In this installation Novitskova utilizes the space of an old Athenian shop. The main piece of the installation in full-frontal window view is ‘Approximation (Gignesthai)’ a creature created by an AI generator that decomposes and recomposes the visual aspect of various previous works and the research of the artist. 

Surrounding, accentuating and guarding this creature are a series of large scale wall paintings that resemble ancient gods, humans, plants and animals. The creature stands still in the middle of the space in a continuous communication with the surrounding paintings, endlessly engaged in a redefinition process between its surroundings. 

Adding to the general experience of the installation small construction lamps have been placed in a way that emphasises on the theatrical aspect of the work. The whole experience is characterised by a sense of futurism and timelessness that is further expanded by the sound design that accompanies the installation. The sound piece was created specifically for ‘Approximation ‘’Gignesthai'’ by Alexandra Koumantaki. 

15.10.21 — 7.11.21


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