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'I am a miner’s son' by Róża Duda & Michał Soja at Henryk Gallery, Krakow

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What does a miner have in common with a zombie? What is the link between Dracula and capital? What does it mean to be a privileged or an unpriviliged member of society? What kind of communication describes these positions?

I am a miner’s son’ gives voice to the experience of a reality, where the present is being constantly modified by reprogramming the future and rewriting the past. The reality, where identity is an unceasingly reassembled entity made of bygone categories and globalized patterns. The exhibition oscillates around the condition of contemporary subjectivity suspended between dreams of self-sufficiency, individuality and inevitable entanglement in the relations of exploitation, presenting the results of this self-contradictory position. At the same time, the re- ality of a miner’s son is everything that is suppressed from consciousness of a person, society or the global market. It is a zombie, hopelessly trying to speak out, a flooded mine, coming back to life thanks to its ruin, it is a bankrupt hotel, ashes of progress, a monument to all that is outdated in culture, awaiting better times. In this reality pervaded by unfulfillable desires, fantasy and illusion dominates.

Presented works relate to globalisation, new identities emerging as its byproducts and local reactions to the pandemic crisis. Exhibition displays works by Róża Duda and Michał Soja, visual artists working with experimental movie, installation and 3D graphics.

24.5.18 — 29.5.18

Henryk Gallery

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