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'I don't know if I'll ever be able to leave this place again', Off-Site presentation by David Pricob at Undisclosed Location, Dharma Initiatives

'I'm the only one left, it's six in the morning and I haven't slept in 76 days, I'm sitting on the rooftop watching the sky slowly change into what I never thought would be real, I can't leave this building and I don't think I'll ever leave it too soon. A pungent scent is in the air today, it comes from above this time. The rooftop location where I placed the leaking transmitters becomes more and more infested with this toxic air. I thought the best thing to do is to post-pone the documentation until further research on the future potential leaks. I'm not sure when I will notice some kind of development of the eggs from the seedbed, it could take even years.'

 — Dharma Initiatives & David Pricob

Dharma Initiatives

'Dream Archipelago', Group Show Curated by Sergey Guskov at Smena, Kazan

'Eternal Flame', Group Show at Shore, Vienna

'Cosmovisions', Group Show at Medusa Offspace, Brussels

'No Time To Explain' by Paul Robas at Solito, Naples

'Night Rider' by Yan Posadsky at Devyatnadtsat’, Moscow

'Funding Emotions' by Magnus Frederik Clausen and Kaare Ruud at Cantina, Aarhus

'What I felt for you was love', Group Show at Afternoon Projects, Vancouver

'Mirror Stage' by Bora Akinciturk and Ella Fleck at Shipton, London

‘Millions Now Living Will Never Die!’ by Ian Swanson at Plague Space, Krasnodar

'VEGAN' by Jack Jubb at house of spouse, Vienna

'Fresh Hell' by Jonah Pontzer at Rose Easton, London

'It's quite like Guggenheim', Group Show at Ringcenter 1, Berlin

'OUTER DARKNESS', Off-Site Project by Allyson Packer in 1698 GALISTEO, SANTA FE

'mareas' by Elizabeth Burmann at Galeria Patricia Ready, Santiago

'Vape Cloud Premonition' by Sam Hutchinson at Forth, Nottingham

'Punch-Drunk' by Yutaro Ishikawa at LAID BUG, Tokyo

'Le sort des Labourgue' by Angélique Aubrit & Ludovic Beillard at Les Capucins, E

'All is Full of Love' by Michiel Ceulers at Pizza Gallery, Antwerp

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