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'Isolation Booth' by Nick Jeffrey at Jakob Kroon, Worthing

Growing amongst the ashes, a finely weighted disembodied mist rose. Littered across the barn floor stood damped metal, shadow lit by the ever-present moon. This rural-Gothic lithesome body creaked and ached, echoing ancient trees in a storm. A glow of darkening suspense, analogous to invisible isotopes within radioactive fields of density transmitted from the timber structure. Dripping from the charcoal lined attic, a deeply nocturnal residue seeped and curdled amongst the strained hay strands. Time was measured by the rings of dust gathered on the work tabletops. A paint peeled camping stove was on its side, increasingly compressed by some unknown pressure: a faint light grew whilst a petulant wind howled. 

15.5.20 — 22.6.20

Jakob Kroon

'THE MOUTH OF THE GIFTED HORSE' by Wisrah Villefort at Goswell Road, Paris

'FRESH' by Rune Bering and Kevin Josias at Tableau, Copenhagen

Armen Avanessian: ‘So let us ask, why we still call this a capitalist world?’

'Dream again of better Generationenvertrag' by Niklas Taleb at Lucas Hirsch, Duss

'TOYS' by Jascha Schieche at FONDA, Leipzig

'YOU ARE HERE' by Linda Lerseth at Podium, Oslo

'Space Almond Head Void' by Sasha Auerbakh at GOMO, Vienna

'UwU' by Tea Strazicic at ung5, Cologne

'Friends Objects' by Helin Alas at Loggia, Munich

'Talent Didn’t Bring Me Here' by Günther Möbius at BPA Space, Cologne

'P**** B**** ARENA' by Isabelle Frances McGuire at Good Weather (Hosted by Et al.

'Flat Tire' by Janis Dzirnieks at Robert Fruinstraat 56, Rotterdam

'Sheets of Past and Layers of Reality', a Group Show at Hoib, Tallinn

Garden Cult Triennale, Chapter I: Sopot, Poland

'踢館 Tek Kwun' at Tai Kwun Centre for Heritage and Arts, Hong Kong

'Theological Time, Mean Landscape, Circumcision Throne, Burping Bird, Auto-censur

'More than two eyes' by Eliška Konečná and Michael Nosek at Berlinskej Model, Pra

'Wandering Wind' by Vytenis Burokas at Editorial, Vilnius

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