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'TFW Too Intelligent' by Kid Xanthrax at Galerie U Mloka, Olomouc


>The uncontrollable growth of the meme -- like the ballooning cerebrum -- a bloated hyper intellect.

>The brain is the only muscle. 

>A doped up body-builder leads us tonight in our ceremony. 


Goya's madness induced “Black Paintings” were dark allegories inspirited by mankind on the brink of a mass industrialization, a (de)evolutionary moment marked by pessimism and anticipation of the fall of humanity. Today epochal characters Wojak and Pepe the Frog are situated in a mirrored mythos, like the (anti)heroes of the apocalyptic biblical narratives of 1800's romantic paintings, but 'updated' or madeover into a uniform red cybergothic lore. ‘Atropos (Fates)’, one of Goya’s masterpieces, is reinterpreted as a Google AI dream as we place more and more power, both spiritual and aesthetic, into the hands of mega tech corps... arguably where our fates rest. 'TFW Too Intelligent' is the mythos of the dank and deepfried; the social media underbelly whomst epitomizes the surreal barbarisms and grotesque dreams of the cyber subconscious. Stealing its name from a meme which surfaced c. 2015 on 4chan's /pol/ (politically incorrect) board, the phrase underlines an anthropocenic sentiment held by humankind in a period of intense self-reflection amidst an era of accelerated technological development and increasing likelihood of disaster. 

Kid Xanthrax

Galerie U Mloka

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